Stay Still Productions is headed up by Director and Producer Sven Arnstein and specialises in producing EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), DVD extras and promos on period and contemporary drama.

Combining his experience as a drama director, and as a photographer Sven wanted to start making short “ behind the scenes” documentaries, which took the genre a step further.

“We always try to find a different angle for DVD Extras, and make them look great and take viewers on an interesting and informative journey behind the scenes. It is easy for these “Extras” to become formulaic. Too often viewers can feel that they are simply revisiting what they have just watched, or are being fobbed off with behind the scenes footage shot by a trainee. Viewers today are savvy. They know the language of film making. They want to know more and be entertained beyond the scope of the drama, and if they have invested in a DVD they want to feel they have bonus material worth having.”

Stay Still’s difference of approach to Survivors and Cranford illustrates the use of a style that both reflects and compliments the host drama. One Of Us creates a style of its own, whilst the promo for HULU on The Thick of it mimics the show itself.

We have a creative and budgetary solution for both a one off drama, and a long running series.